Thanks for taking interest in BDTopia’s Instagram Hogwarts House Contest!

I have been working on merchandise carefully over the past few weeks and now need some victims, I mean volunteers to put themselves up on the block for a random selection. I need two persons from each house.

The start date is January 1,2017.

Last day to put in your entry, February 28,2017

I hope this is a long enough time for this.:]

The Rules:

To have a completed entry you must do all of the following:

Like the original contest photo and follow @bookdecortopia on Instagram.

Share the original contest photo with the tag “#bdtopiahogwartscontest”

In the comments, write your Hogwarts House (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), and tag 4 friends who might like to give this a shot.

You can do this up to 4 times! (There’s a 4 theme here isn’t there?)

Each time you comment is one entry, every person you tag is an entry for yourself as well. So, if you use up all 4 comments, you can have 20 entries!

Open to everyone regardless of location. :]

Please note, any fees for Duties and Customs must be paid by the winner.

Thank you for your interest in this contest! Good luck to all contestants!



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