In an effort to stop being stepped on (by Instagram’s  new algorithm) I will start linking my Instagram posts here. Well, embedding. This way if you haven’t seen my feed in a while you can always come to my blog and find out what’s going on!  All the posts for Instagram exclusively will have their own hashtags. The first will (of course) be #Instagram, following that we have #bdtopiashop and (a new one once you can purchase) #shopbdtopia. 

I may or may not include the fandom these items fall under. But it seems like I should for easier filtering. I won’t micro manage that though. It will most likely be like this: 

Harry Potter

Shadowhunter (because Infernal Devices,Mortal Instruments, and Dark Artifices, and the rest are all part of the shadowhunter world.) 



Percy Jackson

Magnus Chase

And so on. (:
I hope this makes it more convenient for you to finding my shop. I suppose it may take some time for me to gain some footing in the algorithm. Just gotta keep plugging away at winning over fine book enthusiasts like yourself. 

Until I post again,



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