I have been thinking, and thinking about a problem. I have posted the update on Instagram, loosely explaining the why I need more Ravenclaws. 

My problem is this: I have three possible blue colors that can be used for Ravenclaw. And I refuse to upcharge because of having three choices. That really isn’t fair to you. Doing this would also make me feel terrible. While the man idea is to make money, I want to create things that YOU wish to purchase and can feel confident about placing your order. 

So I need a panel of 9 to help me decide on the winning blue. Each Ravenclaw will be given four items. Each item will have one of the blues. The fourth will have the film inspired colors for Ravenclaw. I need to decide on 1) The blue color and 2) if the film version of the house colors is popular enough to validate a secondary Ravenclaw line.  

I hope this explains things just a bit better!

And that’s all she wrote!



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