Hey guys! I know it’s been a huge gap in my actual blog writing. (Not a lot going on besides prep here.)

The subject isn’t as exciting as you would hope despite the upcoming progress and things. Today, I talk about a serious topic.

Book care. (Cue serious episode Oprah theme)

So, one of my darling bookstagram friends had a problem about spots on her book and DM’d me about it. Which had me wondering, do other people ever have these problems?  I figure it must happen because sometimes freak accidents happen with a house leaking. Pipes bursting, improper storage of books or moving accidents. So, I have gleaned the internet for links for you to look into, just in case you may ever need them.

Don’t forget your regular dusting of your books! Books are lovely ways to expand your mind and have adventures. Even customizing them if you so chose to!

When setting up your bookshelves and bookcases, make sure it is out of direct sunlight (at any point of the day) to prevent those lovely spines and pages from fading. They will fade eventually, we all know this. But precautions keep them looking lovelier longer!

General Book Care do’s and don’ts. – Some of these are more for nitpicky people, which I am one of them. Haha.

Biblio – Book Care – Removing/Preventing Mold & Mildew

I will update this as I run across more tips.


From the reading room,



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