I may have to take a few leaps back. Lately my personal life hasn’t been all that great financially. I have zero fears about BDTopia or it’s child projects I am working on. The only thing it means is things will be put on pause.

Which I find terrible. Trying to make my baby grow and all. But that’s okay. I realize I must care for house and family first, before tending to my new dreams that I have. With this all happening right now, I can’t help but think it would be a wonderful time to take a step back, and look at everything. Tweak ideas and so on.

With life being turbulent I worry about getting a job, which I haven’t had in almost 10 years. Well, let me explain better. The worry isn’t so much about getting a job. The worry is what if I get a job, then everything starts getting better. If things get better quickly, then I will have to quit my job to resume my housewifery position once again. Which isn’t a bad thing.  My only hope is that I can work long enough to get a good nest egg set up, in that event that I can start doing the expanding and product making that I am hoping to do.

I have wonderful ideas, and mini brands to reveal for the BDTopia family. So many. (SO EXCITED!)

That being said, I hope to get through this rough patch to emerge on the other side armed and prepared to make BDTopia awesome and uniquely special.

– Meg


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