To take a step forward…

I may have to take a few leaps back. Lately my personal life hasn’t been all that great financially. I have zero fears about BDTopia or it’s child projects I am working on. The only thing it means is things will be put on pause.

Which I find terrible. Trying to make my baby grow and all. But that’s okay. I realize I must care for house and family first, before tending to my new dreams that I have. With this all happening right now, I can’t help but think it would be a wonderful time to take a step back, and look at everything. Tweak ideas and so on.

With life being turbulent I worry about getting a job, which I haven’t had in almost 10 years. Well, let me explain better. The worry isn’t so much about getting a job. The worry is what if I get a job, then everything starts getting better. If things get better quickly, then I will have to quit my job to resume my housewifery position once again. Which isn’t a bad thing.  My only hope is that I can work long enough to get a good nest egg set up, in that event that I can start doing the expanding and product making that I am hoping to do.

I have wonderful ideas, and mini brands to reveal for the BDTopia family. So many. (SO EXCITED!)

That being said, I hope to get through this rough patch to emerge on the other side armed and prepared to make BDTopia awesome and uniquely special.

– Meg


Book Cozies and Tech Cozies Coming Soon!

I am pleased to announce in about 3 weeks time *Estimation* that I will have 5 Tech Cozies and 8 Book Cozies up in the BDTopia shop! I am very excited about this! The fabric patterns will be varied for now, but I do have my eye on a LOT of fabric to work with. I might rotate through styles or make a style if enough requests are put in.

My reps will be showcasing their items received in the near future. (As soon as later this coming week.) I can’t wait to see what they do to display them!

Hopefully soon after the Cozies are posted I am hoping to make GlitterJewelry and other items and roll those out soon. Very exciting stuff! So stay tuned!

– Meg!

New Shop!

So, my friend, Meg, has opened up a new store on bigcartel! Currently, she has posters, book boyfriend/book girlfriend mugs (Harry Potter related and A Court of Thorns and Roses/A Cou…

Source: New Shop!

New reps for the store!


I am so happy to announce that I have three AWESOME ladies as reps for @bookdecortopia on Instagram!



& @jackiemariereviewsandbooks


I am so excited to have these lovely ladies introduce you all to upcoming and future products!


*runs around screaming feeling so official now!*

out of my mind! be back in the next update!

Meg [:

A day late and tears

Update 1: Customer service was FANTASTIC! Sent a replacement an hour after I had emailed! Will update upon receipt of the new screen!


I am a day late in announcing this but…


*insert excited Oprah gif here*

** BN: I’m too lazy to actually do the gif. So let’s pretend shall we?**


I found some humor to the actual fact my little brother’s birthday is also on the 7th. Makes it easier to remember BDTopia’s official opening day birthday. [:

Now, for the tears part.

Why was the energetic idea person of BDTopia crying?

Well I will tell you! *Pats chair*

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Emergency Book Care

Hey guys! I know it’s been a huge gap in my actual blog writing. (Not a lot going on besides prep here.)

The subject isn’t as exciting as you would hope despite the upcoming progress and things. Today, I talk about a serious topic.

Book care. (Cue serious episode Oprah theme)

So, one of my darling bookstagram friends had a problem about spots on her book and DM’d me about it. Which had me wondering, do other people ever have these problems?  I figure it must happen because sometimes freak accidents happen with a house leaking. Pipes bursting, improper storage of books or moving accidents. So, I have gleaned the internet for links for you to look into, just in case you may ever need them.

Don’t forget your regular dusting of your books! Books are lovely ways to expand your mind and have adventures. Even customizing them if you so chose to!

When setting up your bookshelves and bookcases, make sure it is out of direct sunlight (at any point of the day) to prevent those lovely spines and pages from fading. They will fade eventually, we all know this. But precautions keep them looking lovelier longer!

General Book Care do’s and don’ts. – Some of these are more for nitpicky people, which I am one of them. Haha.

Biblio – Book Care – Removing/Preventing Mold & Mildew

I will update this as I run across more tips.


From the reading room,


Update to the Hogwarts contest. 

I have been thinking, and thinking about a problem. I have posted the update on Instagram, loosely explaining the why I need more Ravenclaws. 

My problem is this: I have three possible blue colors that can be used for Ravenclaw. And I refuse to upcharge because of having three choices. That really isn’t fair to you. Doing this would also make me feel terrible. While the man idea is to make money, I want to create things that YOU wish to purchase and can feel confident about placing your order. 

So I need a panel of 9 to help me decide on the winning blue. Each Ravenclaw will be given four items. Each item will have one of the blues. The fourth will have the film inspired colors for Ravenclaw. I need to decide on 1) The blue color and 2) if the film version of the house colors is popular enough to validate a secondary Ravenclaw line.  

I hope this explains things just a bit better!

And that’s all she wrote!


The trouble with Instagram… 

In an effort to stop being stepped on (by Instagram’s  new algorithm) I will start linking my Instagram posts here. Well, embedding. This way if you haven’t seen my feed in a while you can always come to my blog and find out what’s going on!  All the posts for Instagram exclusively will have their own hashtags. The first will (of course) be #Instagram, following that we have #bdtopiashop and (a new one once you can purchase) #shopbdtopia. 

I may or may not include the fandom these items fall under. But it seems like I should for easier filtering. I won’t micro manage that though. It will most likely be like this: 

Harry Potter

Shadowhunter (because Infernal Devices,Mortal Instruments, and Dark Artifices, and the rest are all part of the shadowhunter world.) 



Percy Jackson

Magnus Chase

And so on. (:
I hope this makes it more convenient for you to finding my shop. I suppose it may take some time for me to gain some footing in the algorithm. Just gotta keep plugging away at winning over fine book enthusiasts like yourself. 

Until I post again,


Instagram Contest:Hogwarts Houses

Thanks for taking interest in BDTopia’s Instagram Hogwarts House Contest!

I have been working on merchandise carefully over the past few weeks and now need some victims, I mean volunteers to put themselves up on the block for a random selection. I need two persons from each house.

The start date is January 1,2017.

Last day to put in your entry, February 28,2017

I hope this is a long enough time for this.:]

The Rules:

To have a completed entry you must do all of the following:

Like the original contest photo and follow @bookdecortopia on Instagram.

Share the original contest photo with the tag “#bdtopiahogwartscontest”

In the comments, write your Hogwarts House (THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT), and tag 4 friends who might like to give this a shot.

You can do this up to 4 times! (There’s a 4 theme here isn’t there?)

Each time you comment is one entry, every person you tag is an entry for yourself as well. So, if you use up all 4 comments, you can have 20 entries!

Open to everyone regardless of location. :]

Please note, any fees for Duties and Customs must be paid by the winner.

Thank you for your interest in this contest! Good luck to all contestants!